A Liminal Threshold has been 
Crossed on what We Know
about whether or not
God (or Source as Spiritualists might call it) Actually Exists . . .

The Naked Truth about God
The Quest to Find Evidence for Whether God Exists Reveals
an Epic Discovery that has Eluded Religion and Science

A fascinatingly deep, arresting, and revolutionary tome that strikes to the heart of the tumultuous God-Science drama. The author snatches pulsating kernels of insight from a galley of the greatest scientific and philosophic thought leaders of our age from the Dalai Lama, Nobel laureates, Templeton Prize Laureates and other luminaries to weigh-out the sum.

The spellbinding conclusion is a zenith in the quest to gather-up all the clues to aim our finger at the parameters for the existence / nonexistence of a God-like entity circulating somewhere in the fabric of our universe or beyond. A genuine "Seeker's Bible" to clearly map the otherwise challenging terrain to elucidate the ultimate pinnacle of clarity mankind has been yearning for.

• • •

Even with the accelerated pace of scientific discoveries in the last several decades, the Religion-Science debate has not generated an authoritative position on this sensational quest to "find God" whose origin dates back to early antiquity. After four years of painstaking research, canvassing over 15 domains of accumulated knowledge both contemporary and ancient, Brian Goedken has elucidated the greatest compendium of evidence to circumscribe the most potent evidences concerning the potentiality of God's existence. The arcane and deeply complex subject matter is presented in an accessible format to the broader audience of individuals who are non-experts but harbor a longing to understand the best answer to the Big Questions in life.


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Data from Pew Research Center, April 2018  •  When Americans Say They Believe in God, What Do They Mean?