• ​What have we learned about the validity of Religion (Doctrine), Faith, Spirituality, Philosophy, & Science with respect to describing Ultimate Reality?
  • What is the Absolutely One Thing that must occur ​if one is to adopt a valid "Faith Journey" approach to life. And very few do it!
  • ​New Discoveries in Cosmology and Cosmogony (origin of universe)
  • ​The Difference between Doubtless (Blind) Faith, Justified Faith, Validated Faith, and Justified Skepticism and why the Stability of Society hinge on these
  • ​What People Don't Know about Early Judaism, ​Early Christianity & the Bible and ​why this matters
  • ​New Discoveries about the Biblical New Testament
  • The ​Perils and Tribulations of Scientific ​Enterprise
  • ​Neuroscientific perspectives on Belief Mechanisms and Cognitive Biases. Why we adopt the beliefs we do.
  • ​How does one develop Inner Peace versus Fear, Anxiety, & Worry without a reliance on Faith or from ​support from a supernatural being or a boundless "Source"?
  • PLEASE ASK ME! ​I speak on many topics about Religion, Science, Spirituality, and Philosophy. If there is a topic of interest, please contact me.