Our Rescues




Devon, Piper, and Mocha are our three living rescue pets. All three offered me their companionship during the endless hours of authoring my book, The Naked Truth about God.


Devon is a tri-color pure bred cocker spaniel. Devon is the most endearing and precious dog we have ever had (all former and curent pets -- Plug Your Ears!). He was born in a Missouri puppy mill and was kept alone in a garage most his first year. He was initially rescued by an organization in Denver, Colorado when he about one year old. He was soon after transferred to CastOff Cockers rescue organization in Gilbert, Arizona. The organization is now defunct. The owner, Diana Krauss, passed away two months after we adopted Devon.

Devon loves being cuddled and his favorite place to be is sleeping in bed with us. Due to his isolation, he is afraid of small children and initially nervous with new comers. But, after he warms up, he is the crowd favorite.


Piper was adopted from Tender Paws Pet Rescue (Phoenix). She is our very first puppy! She is a mix of many breeds, mostly Schnauzer with some Samoyed if you cna believe that. She has beautifully spotted skin from her Dalmation heritage! She is extremely agile and definitely has the Schnauzer-trait of being her own boss. But, when she wants to be snuggled, she will melt your heart.


Mocha has a few names. Her official name is Dr. Bella Mocha (beautiful chocolate), named after my beautiful wife and my love of chocolate. She is also called Mocha the Wise One. She is our longest-living pet and was one of my greatest birthday gifts ever. Last year she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, essentially thyroid cancer. She has a very large mass in her throat and lost half of her body weight. We thought the weight loss was due to her old age and she was near her death. The best treatment option is the same as it for humans, injecting radioactive iodine into the thyroid gland. She was fully cured and ​gained back all her weight within eight weeks!