Animals of every variety are the product of billions of year of evolution. If we were to find any terrestrial species—whether it be a ​microbe, beetle, ​fish, goldfinch, or something utterly unique—in our solar system or an exoplanet, it would send shock waves the world over. We would do everything in our power to preserve its existence. And yet, here on Earth, animals by the tens of millions are harmed, even forced into extinction, by the reckless actions of humankind simply because they seem to be plentiful and devoid of intelligence, emotion, and feeling. In short, these lesser beings are undeserving of basic rights. This is a tragedy that is largely preventable.

Human beings have greater capacities for self-reflective consciousness, ability to perform complex calculations, build fantastic machines, and communicate. However, other animals do possess sophisticated capabilities for communication, emotion, and manipulation of their environment. Scientists have found that a few animals may even possess self-reflective consciousness. Some of the most cognitively-advanced species might surprise you: Octopi/squids, elephants, pigs, dolphins, whales, birds (corvids such as crows, ravens, magpies, and jays), raccoons, simians/primates, and dogs.

We have been desecrating other animal species for so long that many don't give it much thought. When people become educated about how the quality of life for humankind is inextricably linked to the health of our animal ecosystem and that many animals are fairly intelligent beings that feel pain and emotional-like thoughts, they begin to treat animals more humanely.

My wife and I have been involved with animal rescue organizations for nearly fifteen years. We are increasingly focusing our attention on advocacy because educating others effectively multiplies the force needed to change embedded ignorance in our society regarding the ethical and humane treatment of animals and their environment.

We have supported many local pet rescue organizations. More recently, our time is spent with Arizona Animal Wellness League & SPCA (AAWL). AAWL is a no-kill shelter.



Ariel getting some scritches


Scout in the exercise yard


Stopped peeing in house

after Spruce found his forever home.


Bonded Pair

( Egyptian God )

Every bit a god


Diva needs dental work!


Orion has LOTS of personality


Pip just loves being held