Brian Goedken

Multi-Genre Award-Winning Author
for Outstanding Nonfiction


B R I A N   G O E D K E N — last name rhymes with Redken® shampoo — is the founder of the philosophy of Zeteticism and is the curator of the The Zetetic Path website.

In his newly-released book The Naked Truth about God he artfully circumscribes the Great Religion-Science Dialogue and, using Zetetic principles, presents a systematically-complete discernment for the possibility for God’s existence and nonexistence. He also engages with many of the Big Questions in life such as:

  • What is Reality?
  • What is our best understanding for the cosmic property of Time?
  • How did the universe come into being?
  • What are the possibilities that extraterrestrial life exists and have alien species visited our planet?
  • Is religion/spiritualism rational?
  • Was Jesus of Nazareth a real person or is he a myth/legend?
  • How can violent religious extremism be quelled?
  • Brian has been and continues to be a technology pioneer having conceived of dozens of leading-edge technologies in a wide range of business sectors—space, defense, aviation/aerospace, automotive, railroad, marine, furniture, and medical. The bulk of these efforts were directed toward products whose primary purpose was safety, survival, protection-oriented.

    Brian was a co-Founder/Principal of several startup technology firms. Brian has formal education in aerospace & mechanical engineering, physics, and business. He developed a passion for philosophy and theology later in life. It was the critical thinking skills garnered in his earlier education that proved to be of great value to immerse and engage his mind in these other disciplines.

    As an observant and dutiful Roman Catholic for over four decades, his questioning of this belief system was in no small part related to the need to develop a more robustly rational worldview.  It was the in-depth study all of these areas that led to the discovery as it were of Zetetic introspection.