Multi-Genre Award-Winning Author
for Outstanding Nonfiction

2019 Book of the Year: Science
2018 Book of the Year: Philosophy
2018 International Finalist: Religion
2018 Medalist: Spirituality & Religion


As a young child, I was obsessed about space, planets, spaceships, aliens, and lasers and whatever else that might exist beyond the sky. This forged in me a great desire to become an explorer to enable mankind to move toward new frontiers which propelled me to study how to design flight vehicles, space stations, and satellites by becoming an aerospace engineer.

But, after dedicating much of my career to innovating new technologies, I STARTED TO THINK A LOT BIGGER . . .
I wanted to understand the ultimate profundity of our universe in terms of how it came into being and whether a Creator-Sustainer God was responsible for it all . . . This is the greatest question in all of humanity. Though, none of this would matter unless we also had a deep appreciation of the human component.

When I initiated this journey, I felt like I was kicking a 50-foot tall, wide-breasted gorilla in the big toe. The "gorilla" as it were, was so utterly massive, beastly, and powerful . . . how could I possibly wrestle any kernels of wisdom from The Great Science-Religion Debate? It is immensely cluttered with notional ideas far too many to count.

And so my work was cutout for me . . . If you want to embark on a personal odyssey to learn everything we know today about God, Man, and Universe, then the award winning book The Naked Truth about God (click on title) is a one-stop-shop to reveal the many secrets and discoveries in the forum of human knowledge.